Parliament Names of Important countries

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The names of parliaments of different countries is an important general awareness topic for many of the competitive exams. Parliament is an essential part in any Democracy. It is the legislative body of the government. It may consist of one house or multiple houses. In most democracies, a parliament consists of two houses. Our Indian Parliament is called Sansad and had two houses Loksabha (Lower house) and Rajyasabha (Upper house). In this article we shall look into a list of Parliament names of Important Countries.

Parliament Names of Important countries 

List of Countries and their Parliament Names
Country Parliament Name
Afghanistan Shora
Albania People’s Assembly
Algeria National People’s Assembly
Andorra General Council
Angola National People’s Assembly
Argentina National Congress
Australia Federal Parliament
Austria National Assembly
Azerbaijan Melli Majlis
Bahamas General Assembly
Bahrain Consultative Council
Bangladesh Jatia Parliament
Belize National Assembly
Bhutan Tsogdu
Bolivia National Congress
Botswana National Assembly
Brazil National Congress
Britain House Of Commons and House Of Lords
Brunei National Assembly
Bulgaria Narodno Sabranie
Cambodia National Assembly
Canada Parliament
China National People’s Assembly
Colombia Congress
Comoros Legislative Council And Senate
Congo Democratic National Legislative Council
Costa Rice Legislative Council And Senate
Crotia Sabor
Cuba National Assembly Of People’s Power
Denmark Folketing
East Timor Constituent Assembly
Ecuador National Congress
Egypt People’s Assembly
El Salvador Legislative Assembly
Ethiopia Federal Council And House Of Representative
Fiji Islands Senate & House Of Representative
Finland Eduskusta (Parliament)
France National Assembly
Germany Bundestag  & Bundesrat 
Great Britain Parliament
Greece Chamber Of Deputies
Guyana National Assembly
Hungary National Assembly
Iceland Althing
India Sansad (Loksabha & Rajyasabha)
Indonesia People’s Consultative Assembly
Iran Majlis
Iraq National Assembly
Ireland Oireachtas
Israel The Knesset
Italy Chamber Of Deputies And Senate
Japan Diet
Jordan National Assembly
Korea(North) Supreme People’s Assembly
Korea(South) National Assembly
Kuwait National Assembly
Labanon National Assembly
Laos People’s Supreme Assembly
Lativa Saeima
Lesotho National Assembly And Senate
Libya General People’s Congress
Lithuania Seimas
Luxembourg Chamber Of Deputies
Madagascar National People’s Assembly
Magnolia Khural
Malaysia Majilis
Maldives Majilis
Mongolia Great People’s Khural
Montenegro Federal Assembly
Mozambique People’s Assembly
Myanmar Pyithu Hluttaw
Nepal Federal Parliament of Nepal 
Netherlands States-General (Staten-General)
New Zealand Parliament (House Of Representative)
Norway Storting
Oman Monarchy
Pakistan National Assembly & Senate
Papua New Guinea National Parliament
Paraguay Senate & Chamber Of Deputies
Philippines The Congress
Poland Sejm
Romania Great National Assembly
Russia Duma & Federal Council
Saudi Arabia Majlis Al Shura
South Africa Parliament
Spain Crotes
Taiwan Yuan
Turkey Grand National Assembly
Uruguay General Assembly
USA Congress and Senate
Uzbekistan Oliy Majlis
Vietnam National Assembly
Zambia National Assembly
Zimbabwe Parliament


Some Important Questions on Parliament Names 

Majlis is the parliament of which country ?

Answer: Iran

Shora is the parliament of which country?

Answer: Afghanistan

Knesset is the parliament of which country?

Answer: Israel

Sansad is the parliament of which country?

Answer: India

The oldest surviving Parliament in the world is in which country?

Answer: Iceland. The Parliament of Iceland is called Althing. It is the Oldest surviving parliament in the world. It was first started in 930 AD.

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